Nautical Safety Committee

The committee discusses incidents, accidents, near-misses and all matters brought in by the members of the committee that deviate from the desired safety situation in the working area. The Commission advises the implementation of operational nautical management. This includes the operation of the VTS, the two Pilotages, the Scheldt Radar Network and the fairway marking. Read more...

Flemish Head of Joint Nautical Authority: R. Andries
Dutch Head of Joint Nautical Authority: J. Janse 
Joint Nautical Autority, Operational: Ph. Jacquemyn and S. Schaatsenberg
Flemish Pilotage: E. Poirier, L. larue, R. Peeters
Dutch Pilotage: B. Bijvank
Flemish Head of VTS: E. Bogaert
Dutch Head of VTS: R. Van Belzen 
Secretary: A. Bonjé