Port Neutral Platform

Many actors are involved in the nautical chain: shipping traffic to and from the ports in the Scheldt area, such as governments, ports, Dutch and Flemish pilotages, towages, shipping agencies shipping companies, terminals.

The port-neutral platform wants to further optimize the nautical chain. The three strategic objectives are:

  1. Realizing connections between existing digital systems and improving existing connections
  2. Making shared data from the platform partners accessible to relevant external parties within a legal framework
  3. Proactively responding to intentions and opportunities outside this platform


Third Party Interface

The start-up of a Third Party Interface is a project that comes from the Port Neutral Platform. This system should allow us to exchange data correctly with non-HNP partners. The HNP partners also reach out to other private companies, the logistics sector and multimodal consultation forums to look at linking options.


HNP partners

  • The Flemish Waterway and the Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Port of Antwerp
  • North Sea Port
  • Port of Zeebrugge
  • Port of Ostend
  • Dutch Pilotage